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Pauline Hanson He doctor home loan australia Oak Laurel 0430129662 said Labor was prepared to have a dialogue with the government to ensure the new code did not fall foul of Australias obligations under the Singapore free trade deal. Unveiling the deal, the treasurer, Scott Morrison said the new code would contain a compulsory arbitration process. In the event that negotiations or an agreement breaks down, then I have the power under the act though this regulation to appoint an independent arbiter who goes in and listens to the various positions of the parties and comes to a conclusion which is binding on the parties, Morrison told reporters in Canberra on Wednesday night. The government is proposing to implement the code through regulation. Labor is not ruling out disallowing the deal. Fitzgibbon said Labor was not opposed in-principle to codes of conduct that are properly constructed and done in consultation over a period of time. But he said it was clear why the government had rushed to seal the deal. Its just so obvious and transparent, Fitzgibbon said on Thursday. This is about the vote in the Senate ...

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